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At The Law Office of Boyd & Wills, PLLC, our real estate attorneys in Franklin, TN have both commercial and residential real estate litigation experience and knowledge to call attention to the needs of our clients. Regardless of whether you are a buyer, seller, contractor, or hiring a contractor of real estate, we have seen it all.

Real Estate properties are generally the largest asset a person will buy in their lifetime. Accordingly, attention to detail is necessary to protect your asset for the present and the future. If the sale of a house has gone awry or if there is a workmanship problem that you have, Boyd & Wills, PLLC have litigated, arbitrated, and resolved cases like yours. Let us take the stress off your shoulders and work to resolve your issue.

Real Estate Litigation Attorney in Franklin, TN

Franklin Residential Real Estate Attorneys

When buying real estate in Middle Tennessee you are purchasing property in one of the hottest markets in the country. With that in mind, we stand ready to help you negotiate your contract, and if needed, our Contract Attorneys in Franklin, TN will litigate any breach of that contract for you.

A home is usually a family’s largest single asset. We are ready to help you protect your family’s future. Whether you are dealing with construction defects in your new home, undisclosed issues about your house from the seller or need help navigating a boundary dispute, our Residential Real Estate Attorneys in Franklin, TN can steer you calmer waters.

We deal with:

  • Property Disclosures
  • Contract Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration
  • Brokers and Agents
  • Construction Defects and Contractor Negligence
  • Adverse Possession Claims and Disputes
  • Chain of Title Issues
Residential Real Estate Attorneys Serving Franklin, TN - Boyd & Wills

Commercial Real Estate Attorneys in Franklin, TN

When buying or building a commercial property, you need a team of attorneys with experience. From helping negotiate the purchase or sale of the property, helping raise funds for syndication deals, structuring business entities, reviewing and writing opinion letters for lenders, to drafting Triple Net Lease we are there with you providing guidance and moving your project forward.

Contracts that have to be enforced, or if there is a violation of your property rights, require an attorney. Our Commercial Real Estate Attorneys in Franklin, TN have experience litigating, arbitrating, and mediating disputes.

Legal issues we deal with:

  • Triple Net Leases
  • Lender Opinion Letters
  • Real Estate Syndication
  • Tenant Disputes
  • Structuring Entities
  • Codes and Zoning
  • Contractor Disputes and Negligence
Commercial Real Estate Attorneys Serving Franklin, TN - Boyd & Wills

Property Law in Brentwood

Real estate disputes are a vast sea of complex issues ranging from buying and selling property to ensuring your property is protected for future generations. During your life and property ownership, issues are going to come up that will require you to seek guidance from Property Lawyers that understand those issues and can help you navigate them.

Real Estate is more than just houses and dirt, it is a legacy. Moreover, it is also an investment in your future. Let our Real Estate Attorneys in Brentwood and Franklin, TN guide you to success.

We deal with:

  • Investor Guidance
  • Legacy Planning
  • Greenbelt Exemptions
  • Variances
  • Leases
  • Deed Defects
  • Partitions
Attorneys for Property Law in Franklin, TN - Boyd & Wills

Additional Services

  • Residential Property Litigation
  • Construction Defects
  • Lease Disputes
  • Home Owner’s Association Representation
  • Property Boundary Disputes
  • Contracts
  • Investment Counseling
  • Investment Transactional Services
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Deal Structures
  • Boundary Issues
  • And anything else that you need help with relating to your property!
Law Office of Boyd & Wills Real Estate Attorneys for Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, and Property Law in Franklin, TN

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